Preventing Burns

1. Always assume a pot handle is hot. Don't just grab it with your bare hand.

2. Use dry pads or towels to handle hot pans.Wet ones will create steam, which can burn you.

3. Keep pan handles out of the aisle so people won't bump into them.Also,keep handles away from the open flames of gas burners.

4. Don't fill pans so full that they are likely to spill hot foods.

5. Get help when moving heavy containers of hot food.

6. Open lids away from you to let steam escape safely.

7. Use care when opening compartment steamers.

8. Make sure gas is well vented before trying to light ovens or pilot lights. Strike matches before turning on the gas. Also, strike matches away from your body.

9. Wear long sleeves and a double-breasted jacket to protect yourself from spilled or spattered hot foods or fat. Also,wear sturdy leather shoes with closed toes.

1 0. Dry foods before putting them in frying fat, or hot fat may splatter on you.

1 1 . When placing foods in hot fat, let them fall away from you so fat will not splash on you.

12. Keep liquids away from the deep fryer. If a liquid were spilled into the fryer, the sudden rush of steam could spray hot fat on anyone nearby.

13. Always warn people when you are walking behind them with hot pans or when you are walking behind someone who is working with hot items.

14. Warn service people about hot plates.

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