1. The poaching method is used to gently cook tender poultry in order to retain moisture and to develop a light, subtle flavor. Cooking time is usually short because the product is naturally tender.

2. The cooking liquid is usually stock, sometimes with the addition of wine and other flavorings and seasonings. Cold liquid is added to the poultry product in the pan to cover partway, and the pan must be covered to retain steam. Covering also helps prevent drying and discoloration.

3. After cooking, the liquid may be used to make a sauce, such as suprême sauce, to serve with the cooked product.

4. It is important to drain the poultry well after cooking, since any remaining liquid may spoil the appearance of the sauce on the plate.

5. Poaching may be done on the rangetop or in the oven. Oven poaching provides more even heat.

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