Pizza Margherita

Yield: one 12-inch (30-cm) pizza

U.S. Metric Ingredients


12 oz

1 tbsp to taste

360 g

15 mL to taste

Fresh, ripe plum tomatoes or canned Italian-style plum tomatoes Olive oil Salt

1. If using fresh tomatoes, peel, seed, and chop them. If using canned, chop and drain them.

2. Combine the tomatoes and oil in a saucepan. Cook uncovered over moderate heat until the tomatoes are no longer watery.

3. Add salt to taste.

12 oz

4 oz

1 tbsp 112 tbsp

360 g 6

120 g

15 mL 22 mL

French Bread dough

(p. 917), fermented Fresh basil leaves, torn in half Fresh mozzarella cheese, preferably Italian buffalo-milk mozzarella, sliced

Parmesan cheese (optional) Olive oil

Per pizza:

Calories, 1450; Protein, 49 g; Fat, 63 g (39% cal.); Cholesterol, 90 mg; Carbohydrates, 170 g; Fiber, 9 g; Sodium, 1880 mg.

5. Flatten the dough and roll it out into a circle. Drape the dough over the backs of the hands and carefully stretch the circle to a diameter of 12 in. (30 cm). Leave the dough thicker around the rim than in the center.

6. Flour a peel so the dough does not stick. Lay the circle of dough on it.

7. Spread the tomatoes over the dough, leaving the rim uncovered.

8. Distribute the basil and the mozzarella cheese over the pizza.

9. If using the parmesan, sprinkle it over the pizza.

10. Drizzle with olive oil.

11. Slide directly onto the hearth of a deck oven preheated to 500°F (260°C). Bake until the dough is browned and the cheese is melted.

"12. Using the peel, remove from the oven and serve immediately.


Pizza Marmara

Omit the mozzarella cheese and the basil. Increase the tomatoes to

2 lb (900 g). Increase the first quantity of olive oil to 112 tbsp. In step 2, cook the tomatoes with 3 cloves garlic, sliced thin, and 12 tsp (2 mL)

fresh chopped oregano or 14 tsp dried oregano.


Naples, Italy, takes pride in being the birthplace of pizza. Today the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana sets down the rules by which its members must abide if they wish to claim they serve authentic Neapolitan pizza. The rules state that the dough must contain only flour, water, salt, and natural yeast and that it must be made by hand or in an approved mixer. The pizza must be shaped by hand and baked on the hearth of a wood-burning oven. Toppings are limited to a list of approved ingredients.

Two pizzas—Margherita, topped with tomatoes, basil, and buffalo mozzarella, and Marinara, topped with tomatoes, garlic, oregano, and olive oil—are considered the original and true Neapolitan pizzas.

Pizza has grown beyond its origins to become an international favorite. In North America, most of the pizzas served make no claim to being authentically Italian and instead sport toppings such as barbecued chicken, beef with peppers and taco seasonings, and smoked salmon with artichokes, in addition to old favorites like sausage and pepperoni.


tea sandwich wrap grilled sandwich panino deep-fried sandwich pizza


pullman loaf multidecker sandwich simple sandwich club sandwich

(hot or cold) open-faced sandwich

1. If you cannot get daily bread delivery, what are some measures you can take to ensure that the bread in the sandwiches you serve is always fresh?

2. What precautions must you take when using mayonnaise as a sandwich spread?

3. Briefly describe the setup of a short-order sandwich station.

4. How does a setup for preparing sandwiches in quantity differ from a short-order sandwich setup?

5. Why are most sandwiches cut before serving?

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