Peeling And Cutting

1. Peel most vegetables as thinly as possible. Many nutrients lie just under the skin.

2. Cut vegetables into uniform pieces for even cooking.

3. Peel and cut vegetables as close to cooking time as possible to prevent drying and loss of vitamins through oxidation.

4. For machine paring, sort vegetables for evenness of size to minimize waste.

5. Treat vegetables that brown easily (potatoes, eggplant, artichokes, sweet potatoes) with an acid, such as lemon juice, or an antioxidant solution, or hold under water until ready to use (some vitamins and minerals will be lost).

6. Save edible trim for soups, stocks, and vegetable purées.

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Why Gluten Free

Why Gluten Free

What Is The Gluten Free Diet And What You Need To Know Before You Try It. You may have heard the term gluten free, and you may even have a general idea as to what it means to eat a gluten free diet. Most people believe this type of diet is a curse for those who simply cannot tolerate the protein known as gluten, as they will never be able to eat any food that contains wheat, rye, barley, malts, or triticale.

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