Packaging And Market Forms

Tea is packaged in bulk as loose tea and in tea bags of various sizes. Standard cup-size bags are packaged 200 to the pound (500 g),while the pot-sized bag (that is,individual service pot) is packaged at 150 to 175 per pound (500 g).This is important for you to know if you are purchasing tea because the larger bags would not be as economical if the service in your establishment is by the cup.

Larger tea bags that contain 1 or 2 oz (30 to 60 g) of tea are available for brewing larger quantities, especially for iced tea.

Instant tea is a soluble extraction made by brewing a very strong tea, using lesser grades, and drying the liquid to obtain a powder.This product is used primarily for iced tea because the processing results in the loss of much of the flavor and aroma essential to a good hot tea.

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