Oyako Donburi

Portions: 16 Portion size: see procedure

U.S. Metric Ingredients


150 mL 150 g 60 mL

Dashi Soy sauce Sugar

Sake (optional)

1. Combine the dashi, soy sauce, sugar, and sake in a saucepan. Bring to a simmer to dissolve the sugar. Remove from heat and reserve.

3 qt

Raw Japanese 2. Cook the rice by following steps 1-4 in the recipe for sushi short-grain rice rice, page 500. Keep it hot.

112 lb l6 l6

7Z5 g l6 l6

Boneless, skinless chicken meat

Per serving:

Calories, 570; Protein, 23 g; Fat, 8 g (13% cal.); Cholesterol, 240 mg; Carbohydrates, 98 g; Fiber, 4 g; Sodium, 600 mg.

Note: The name of this dish, oyako, means "parent and child," referring to the chicken and eggs. A donburi is a type of serving bowl, and the word also refers to foods served in this type of bowl, generally rice with toppings and sauce.

3. Cut the chicken into strips 1 in. (212 cm) wide, then slice diagonally î4 in. (6 mm) thick.

4. Trim the roots and the coarser greens from the scallions, leaving the tender green parts intact. Cut diagonally into 12-in. (1-cm) pieces.

5. For each portion, put 112 oz (45 g) chicken, 1 sliced scallion, and 4'/2 fl oz (125 mL) dashi mixture in a small sauté pan. Simmer until the chicken is nearly done.

6. Break 1 egg into a bowl. Mix lightly but do not beat.

7. Pour the egg in a stream around the chicken in the skillet. Continue to simmer until the egg is half set.

8. Put 112 cups (375 mL) hot rice in a large, deep soup bowl.

9. When the egg is nearly set, give the egg and chicken mixture a light stir and pour the contents of the skillet over the rice.



Omit the chicken, scallions, and egg in the recipe above. Reduce the dashi to 1 qt (1 L) and double the amount of sake. Top each bowl of rice with 1 piece of shrimp tempura (p. 481) and 2 pieces of vegetable tempura. Pour about 212 fl oz (75 mL) hot dashi mixture over the rice and serve. (The name of this dish comes from the first syllables of "tempura" and "donburi.")

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