Other Large Game

Various other meats are sometimes found in food service kitchens. Elk, caribou, moose, and antelope are all similar to venison and are handled in much the same way.The first three of these, especially moose, are larger than deer, so it may be necessary to allow for longer cooking times when using venison recipes for them.

Buffalo, or American bison,is raised on ranches in the western United States and Canada and handled like beef. Flavor and cooking characteristics are similar to those of beef, but the meat is somewhat richer in flavor and has less fat and cholesterol than beef.


Much of the strong flavor associated with game comes from the practice of hanging. Hunters, processing game for their own use, often allow a dressed carcass to hang much longer than necessary to soften the meat (see "green meat," p. 261), or long enough for it to become high, or actually near spoilage.

The farm-raised game discussed here and used in commercial kitchens is not hung. Thus, its flavor is milder.

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