Modern Sauces

Most of the emphasis in this chapter is on techniques for producing classic sauces. It is a mistake to argue that these sauces are not important and that modern sauce-making is entirely different. Modern sauces still depend on the basic classical techniques, even though the emphasis may have changed. For example, a chef in a modern kitchen may prepare a sauce for a sautéed meat item at the last minute by deglazing a sauté pan with a little wine, adding some reduced brown stock, and finishing the sauce by swirling in a little butter. As you can see, these are all techniques used in the production of classical sauces. Learning to make classical sauces is an important foundation for learning modern cooking.

While many of the recipes in this book, especially the traditional ones, incorporate sauces prepared in advance, many of the others, especially the more modern ones, incorporate sauces made at the last minute.

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