Milk And Cream

Milk products, as described in Chapter 25, are important in baking.These products include liquid whole and skim milk, buttermilk, and dry milk solids.

Milk contributes to the texture, flavor, nutritional value, keeping quality, and crust color of baked goods.

1. Whole milk contains fat, which must be calculated as part of the shortening in a dough. For this reason, whole and skim milk are not interchangeable in a formula unless adjustments are made for the fat.

2. Buttermilk,which is slightly acid,is often used in conjunction with baking soda as a leavening agent in quick breads.

3. Cream is not often used as a liquid in doughs and batters, except in a few specialty products. In these instances, it is used as a shortening as well as a liquid because of its fat content.

Cream is more important in the production of fillings and toppings.

4. Dry milk is often used because of its convenience and low cost. In some formulas, it is not necessary to reconstitute it.The milk powder is included with the dry ingredients, and water is used as the liquid.

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