Texture of flesh Scales

Fresh Fish

Fresh and mild, no off odors Clear, shiny, bulging Red or pink Firm, elastic Shiny, tight on skin

Not-So-Fresh Fish

Strong fishy odor Cloudy, sunken Gray or brown Soft, dents easily Loose, not shiny

Note: Because most fish is not purchased whole or dressed but as fillets, steaks, or other portions, odor must be your primary check for freshness.

1. On crushed ice—the preferred method. Use drip pans to allow for drainage of melted ice. Change ice daily. Cover container or store in separate box away from other foods.

Whole fish should be drawn (that is,viscera removed; see Figure 14.1) as soon as possible because the entrails deteriorate quickly.Whole or drawn fish are not wrapped. Cut fish (fillets, steaks, portions) should be wrapped or left in original moisture-proof wrap.

2. In refrigerated box at 30° to 34°F (-1° to 1°C)—if crushed ice storage is not available or practical.Wrap all fish or leave in original moisture-proof wrap.

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