Menu And Serving Sequence

Practical reasons as well as visual appeal determine the order in which foods are arranged on the buffet. As far as possible, it is good to have items in the proper menu order (for example, appetizers first, main course afterward, desserts last) if only to avoid confusing the customers, who might otherwise wonder what the food is and how much they should take. But there are many reasons for changing the order. The following should be taken into account when arranging a buffet.

1. Hot foods are best served last. If served first, hot foods get cool while the guests make other selections from the cold foods.Also,it is more effective, visually, to place the decorative cold platters first and the less attractive chafing dishes last.

2. The more expensive foods are usually placed after the less expensive items.This gives you some control of food cost, as the guests' plates will be nearly full of other attractive foods by the time they get to the costly items.

3. Sauces and dressings should be placed next to the items with which they are to be served. Otherwise, the customer might not match them with the right foods.

4. A separate dessert table is often a good idea.This approach allows guests to make a separate trip for dessert without interfering with the main serving line. It is also possible, if the menu is large, to have a separate appetizer table.

5. Plates, of course,must be the first items on the table. Silverware,napkins, and other items not needed until the guest sits down to eat should be at the end of the buffet table or set in place on the dining tables.

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