Meats And Poultry

Most meats for sandwiches are precooked, though some are cooked to order. Sliced meats dry out and lose flavor, so avoid slicing farther ahead than necessary, and keep sliced meats covered or wrapped.

Leftovers may be used, but only if they are of good quality and have been properly handled and stored to avoid contamination.

Thin slices are more tender, and sandwiches made with them are easier to eat. Also, many thin slices make a thicker sandwich than one or two thick slices of the same total weight.

1. Beef

Sliced roast beef, hot or cold

Hamburger patties

Small steaks

Corned beef


Tongue, fresh or smoked

2. Pork products

Roast pork Barbecued pork Ham, all kinds Bacon

Canadian bacon

3. Poultry

Turkey breast Chicken breast

4. Sausage products

Salami Frankfurters Bologna Liverwurst Luncheon meats Grilled sausages

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