Because of its cost, meat is rarely used in stock making anymore. (Exception: Chicken hearts and gizzards are often used in chicken stock.)

Occasionally, a broth is produced as a result of simmering meat or poultry, as when fowl is cooked for dishes like creamed chicken.This broth can then be used like a stock. However, the chicken is considered the object of the game in this case.The broth is just a byproduct.

In this book, we use the word broth to mean a flavorful liquid obtained from the simmering of meats and/or vegetables.

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Why Gluten Free

Why Gluten Free

What Is The Gluten Free Diet And What You Need To Know Before You Try It. You may have heard the term gluten free, and you may even have a general idea as to what it means to eat a gluten free diet. Most people believe this type of diet is a curse for those who simply cannot tolerate the protein known as gluten, as they will never be able to eat any food that contains wheat, rye, barley, malts, or triticale.

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