Meat or Fish Salad Spreads

You can use many cold meat or fish mixtures, such as cooked salads, to make canapé spreads. Popular examples include tuna salad, salmon salad, shrimp salad, chicken salad, deviled ham, and liver pâté.

To convert a salad recipe (see pp. 703 and 705) to a spread recipe,you may need to make one or more of the following modifications:

1. Chop the solid ingredients very fine, or grind or purée them, so the mixture is spreadable and not chunky.

2. Do not add the liquid ingredients and mayonnaise all at once.Add them a little at a time,just until the mixture reaches a thick, spreadable consistency.

3. Check the seasonings carefully. You may want to increase the seasonings to make the spread more stimulating to the appetite.

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