Market Forms

The demands of time and labor have made processed potato products widely used, and many forms are available. Many of these products are very good, and there is no doubt that they save time. However, for best quality, there is no substitute for fresh potatoes, if they are well prepared.

1. Fresh, unprocessed.

2. Peeled. Treated to prevent browning.

Keep refrigerated (below 40°F/4°C) for five to seven days.

3. Canned whole, cooked.

4. French fries. Blanched in deep fat and frozen.

Available in a wide variety of sizes and cuts. Cook from the frozen state. Refrigerated French fries are also available.

5. Other frozen, prepared products.

Available as hashed browns,puffs,stuffed baked,and croquettes;in casseroles with a variety of sauces.

6. Dehydrated.

Granules or flakes for mashed potatoes to be reconstituted with hot water or milk and butter or other desired flavorings.

Other products: many varieties and preparations. May need soaking in water before cooking.

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