The following factors are important to consider when planning lunch menus.

1. Speed.

Like breakfast customers,luncheon diners are usually in a hurry.They are generally working people who have a limited time to eat. Foods must be prepared quickly and be easy to serve and eat. Sandwiches, soups, and salads are important items on many lunch menus.

2. Simplicity.

Menu selections are fewer, and fewer courses are served. In many cases, customers select only one course. Luncheon specials—combinations of two or three items, such as soup and a sandwich or omelet and salad, offered at a single price—satisfy the need for simplicity and speed.

3. Variety.

In spite of the shortness of the menu and the simplicity of the selections,luncheon menus must have variety.This is because many customers eat at the same restaurant several times a week or even every day. In order to keep the menu short,many operations offer several luncheon specials every day, so there is always something new on the menu.

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