Low Temperature Roasting

As we discussed on page 274, it was once thought that starting the roast at a high temperature "seals the pores'by searing the surface,thus keeping in more juices.

We now know that this is not the case. Repeated tests have shown that continuous roasting at a low temperature gives a superior product with

1. Less shrinkage.

2. More flavor,juiciness, and tenderness.

3. More even doneness from outside to inside.

4. Greater ease in carving.

Low roasting temperatures generally range from 250° to 325°F (120° to 160°C), depending on

1. The size of the cut.The larger the cut, the lower the temperature.This ensures that the outer portion is not overcooked before the inside is done.

2. The operation's production schedule. Lower temperatures require longer roasting times, which may or may not be convenient for a particular operation.

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