Liquid Versus A Lot Of Liquid

This is an area of controversy with good arguments on both sides.

1. Using a lot of liquid increases vitamin loss by leaching. Use just enough liquid to cover. Save the cooking liquid for reheating the vegetables or for stocks or soups.

2. Using a little liquid increases cooking time.When the vegetables are combined with the small quantity of boiling water, the temperature is lowered greatly and the vegetables must sit in warm water while it again heats up. Also,plant enzymes may destroy some vitamins before the water again becomes hot enough to destroy them.

Tests have shown that, for these reasons, no more nutrients are lost when vegetables are cooked in a lot of water than when vegetables are cooked in just enough water to cover.

When cooking green vegetables,there is an added advantage to using a lot of water. Plant acids are more quickly diluted and driven off, better preserving the color.

The best cooking methods, nutritionally, are usually those that produce the most attractive, flavorful products.

• They are more likely to be eaten. Discarded vegetables benefit no one, no matter how nutritious they are.

• Factors that destroy nutrients are often those that also destroy color, flavor, and texture.

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