Lavishness And Abundance

Above all else,a buffet should look lavish and plentiful.The appearance of an abundance of food beautifully laid out is exciting and stimulating to the appetite.There are many ways to create this look.

1. Color.

A variety of colors is as vital on a buffet as it is on a single plate. Plan menus and garnish so that you have enough color on the table.

2. Height.

Flat foods on flat trays on flat tables are uninteresting to the eye.

A centerpiece is an important feature, giving height and focus to the buffet. Ice carvings, tallow sculptures, and floral or fruit displays are some possibilities. These should be placed on a separate table behind the food table.

Centerpieces on individual platters also add height. Large food items such as large cheeses and whole roasts being carved at the table are also effective. Multilevel tables,when available, are used to good effect.

3. Full platters and bowls.

Replenish items as they become depleted. A nearly empty bowl isn't as appetizing as a full one.

Arrange platters so they still have interest even when portions have been removed (more on this later).

4. Proper spacing.

While you shouldn't crowd the items, don't spread them so far apart that the table looks half empty.

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