Kinds Of Glazes

1. Meat glaze, or glace de viande (glahss duh vee awnd)—made from brown stock.

2. Chicken glaze, or glace de volaille (voh lye)—made from chicken stock.

3. Fish glaze, or glace de poisson (pwah sohn)—made from fish stock.

Pr rocedure for Preparing Glazes

1. Reduce the stock over moderate heat.

2. Skim the surface frequently.

3. When reduced by half to two-thirds, strain into a smaller, heavy saucepan and continue to reduce over lower heat until it is syrupy and coats a spoon.

4. Pour into containers, cool, cover, and refrigerate.

5. Glazes will keep for several weeks or longer if properly stored. They may also be frozen.

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