Inspection And Grading

Like meat,poultry is subject to federal inspection and grading. (Note: Unlike for meats, poultry inspection and grading stamps are not stamped on the birds but are printed on tags and packing cases.)

Figures 12.1

USDA inspection stamp for poultry

Figures 12.2

USDA grade stamp for poultry



1. A guarantee of wholesomeness (fit for human consumption).

2. Indicated by a round stamp (Figure 12.1).


1. Based on quality.

2. Indicated by a shield stamp and letter grade (Figure 12.2).

U.S. grades are A, B, and C, A being the best.They are based on

Pinfeathers (present or absent) Skin tears, cuts, broken bones Blemishes and bruises

Shape of carcass (lack of defects) Amount of flesh Amount of fat

Most poultry used in food service is Grade A. Lower grades are used by canners and processors.

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