Dairy and Beverages ilk is one our most versatile foods, not only as a beverage but even more importantly as a cooking and baking ingredient and as a raw material for the production of a wide array of other foods, including cream, butter, and hundreds of kinds of cheese.

This chapter identifies and describes the many dairy products used regularly in the kitchen and gives guidelines for handling, storing and cooking with them. The longest section of the chapter describes the many types of cheeses produced in North America and Europe and gives examples of each type.

The chapter concludes with a discussion of coffee and tea beverages, including guidelines for their production.

After reading this chapter, you should be able to

1. Describe the major milk, cream, and butter products.

2. Explain why milk curdles and why it scorches, and identify the steps to take to prevent curdling and scorching.

3. Whip cream.

4. Describe the most important kinds of cheese used in the kitchen.

5. Store and serve cheese properly.

6. Cook with cheese.

7. Prepare coffee and tea.

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