Hollandaise And Barnaise

Hollandaise is considered an egg-thickened sauce, but the egg doesn't thicken by coagulation as it does in a liaison or in a custard sauce. Instead,it works by emulsification.

An emulsion is a uniform mixture of two unmixable liquids. In the case of hollandaise, the two liquids are melted butter and water (including the water in the lemon juice or the vinegar reduction).The two stay mixed and thick because the butter is beaten into tiny droplets and the egg yolks hold the droplets apart.You will encounter emulsion again when you prepare mayonnaise and other salad dressings in Chapter 21.

Two recipes for hollandaise are given.The first is the classic version, flavored with lemon and a vinegar reduction (see Figure 8.9).The second, flavored with just lemon juice, is used more often today because it is quicker and easier.

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