Highfat Cakes

The creaming method's major disadvantage is the labor it requires. The two-stage method is quicker, but because the flour is mixed for a long time, two conditions are necessary to prevent the gluten from developing toughness:

1. Increased percentage of sugar (sugar is a tenderizer).

2. Emulsified shortening,which blends thoroughly to prevent toughness.

Cakes made by the two-stage method have good volume and lightness, a fine, velvety texture, and great tenderness.The texture of butter cakes made by the creaming method is coarser and the tenderness is generally somewhat less.

One factor seems to be neglected when cakes are rated, however—flavor. Shortening contributes no flavor to cakes, only texture. Butter, on the other hand, is highly prized for its flavor. It also influences texture because it melts in the mouth, while shortening does not.Thus, butter cakes are and always will be in demand.Therefore, the creaming method is important for you to know.

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