1. Live lobsters are either cooked live or cut up before cooking (as for broiling or sautéing). Live lobsters are plunged head-first into boiling water to kill them instantly. They are then simmered for 5 to 6 minutes per pound (500 g). If served hot, they are drained well and split in half,and the claws are cracked.

2. Splitting and cutting up live lobsters is necessary for certain preparations. Figure 14.11 shows splitting a lobster for broiling. Figure 14.12 shows cutting up a lobster for sautés and stews. Note that the methods are somewhat different.

3. The thorax section contains three parts you should recognize.Figure 14.13 shows their location.

• The stomach, or sac,located just behind the eyes,is often sandy and should be discarded.

• The tomalley, or liver, is pale green. It is eaten plain or removed,mashed, and added to sauces that accompany the lobster.

• The coral, or roe, is red when cooked and dark green when raw. It is present only in females. Like the tomalley, it is considered a delicacy.

• The intestinal vein may be removed from the split lobster if it contains dark material, but is often left in if it is clear.

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