Grill Griddle And Panbroil

Grilling, griddling, and pan-broiling are all dry-heat cooking methods that use heat from below.

1. Grilling is done on an open grid over a heat source, which may be charcoal, an electric element, or a gas-heated element. Cooking temperature is regulated by moving the items to hotter or cooler places on the grill. Grilled meats should be turned to achieve desired grill marks,just as in broiling.

2. Griddling is done on a solid cooking surface called a griddle, with or without small amounts of fat to prevent sticking.The temperature is adjustable and much lower (around 350 F/177C) than on a grill. In addition to meats, items such as eggs and pancakes are cooked on a griddle.

Grooved griddles have a solid top with raised ridges.They are designed to cook like grills but to create less smoke. Meats cooked on a grooved griddle do not have the charcoal-grilled flavor imparted by smoke from burning fats.

3. Pan-broiling is like griddling except that it is done in a sauté pan or skillet instead of on a griddle surface. Fat must be poured off as it accumulates, or the process becomes pan-frying. No liquid is added, and the pan is not covered, or else the item would steam.

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