Poached fish is sometimes glazed before serving.This is done as follows:

1. According to the particular recipe, combine the finished sauce with egg yolk, hollandaise sauce, and/or lightly whipped cream. Alternatively, combine the reduction of the cooking liquid with Mornay sauce instead of fish velouté.

2. Coat the fish with the sauce and run the plate or platter under the salamander or broiler for a few seconds, until the sauce is golden brown.

Note: It s a good idea to test a little of the sauce under the salamander before coating the fish to make sure it will brown.

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Bouillon for


Yield: 1 gal (4 L)




1 gal

4 L


8 floz

25O mL

White vinegar, wine vinegar,

or lemon juice

8 oz

25O g

Onions, sliced

4 oz

l25 g

Celery, sliced

4 oz

l25 g

Carrots, sliced

2 oz

6O g


14 tsp

2 mL

Peppercorns, crushed



Bay leaf

12 tsp

l mL

Dried thyme



Parsley stems

Combine all ingredients in a stockpot or saucepot and bring to boil.

Reduce heat and simmer 30 minutes. Strain and cool.

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