Fresh Vegetables

1. Potatoes, onions, and winter squash are stored at cool temperatures (50-65°F/ 10-18°C) in a dry, dark place.

2. Other vegetables must be refrigerated.To prevent drying, they should be kept covered or wrapped, or the humidity in the cooler must be high. Allow for some air circulation to help prevent mold.

3. Peeled and cut vegetables need extra protection from drying and oxidation. Cover or wrap, and use quickly to prevent spoilage. Potatoes, eggplants, and other vegetables that brown when cut should be treated with an acid or antioxidant. As an alternative, they can be blanched to destroy the enzymes that cause browning. Raw, cut potatoes are sometimes held in cold water for a short time.

4. Store all fresh vegetables for as short a time as possible.They lose quality rapidly. Peas and corn lose sweetness even after a few hours in storage.

5. Keep refrigerators and storage areas clean.

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