French Fries

Because French fries,or deep-fried potatoes,are one of the most popular items in North American food service, you must know how to prepare them well. Most French fries served are made from blanched, frozen products, but it is also important to know how to make them from fresh potatoes.

The recipe on page 603 gives the complete procedure for preparing French fries. Note that they are fried in two stages. It is possible to cook them in one step, but this is impractical in a volume operation because of the long cooking time.The more common practice is to blanch them in frying fat.This is done at a lower temperature so they will cook through without becoming brown.They are then drained and refrigerated until service time. Portions can then be finished to order in a few minutes.

Frozen products have been prepared through step 5 in the recipe and then frozen. To use them, simply begin with step 6.

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