e Cordon Bleu was delighted to work once again with author Wayne Gisslen on the sixth edition of Professional Cook-ing.This continued collaboration underlines the importance of French culinary technique at the service of the gastronomic world. It has always been the philosophy of Le Cordon Bleu that, through mastering and understanding French culinary techniques, processes, and methods, students gain the tools and confidence with which to create their own style. Le Cordon Bleu envisions the sixth edition of Professional Cooking as continuing to be an indispensable culinary tool that balances tradition with cutting-edge innovation.

Founded in Paris in 1895,Le Cordon Bleu today has become a network of over twenty-six schools and programs in fifteen countries and has more students worldwide than any other culinary education provider. Le Cordon Bleu maintains close relations with the culinary industry, and benefits from its international recognition, setting the standard of excellence. Known for classical French cuisine, Le Cordon Bleu continues to teach long-celebrated culinary traditions while creating a balanced, harmonious, and flavorsome repertoire of contemporary and international cuisines.

Le Cordon Bleu's authority on culinary techniques, training, and development are recognized and supported by noted establishments including the Ministry of Tourism of Shanghai, China, and the government of Australia. Le Cordon Bleu also provides training in the French culinary arts to many organizations, including chefs of the Club Managers Association of America and Radisson Seven Seas Cruises.

Each year Le Cordon Bleu master chefs pass on their knowledge and experience to a student body of over fifty nationalities, and share their expertise and craft at a variety of annual festivals and culinary events around the world. Selected for their skill and professional experience, our chefs hail from Michelin-starred restaurants and top hotel kitchens, and are winners of numerous international competitions. With more than 75 master chefs worldwide, our students are exposed to a variety of styles, tastes, and philosophies that make for a unique learning experience. Through the combined talents of our chefs, Le Cordon Bleu is the only culinary school to operate a CAA/AAA Five Diamond restaurant in North America.

Through its expansion worldwide, Le Cordon Bleu has responded to the growing needs of the hospitality industry through the establishment of cutting-edge management programs that reflect the same level of excellence as our culinary programs. Le Cordon Bleu has created Diploma, Bachelors, and Masters degrees in direct response to industry demands.

Professional Cooking has been a mainstay in North American universities,community colleges, and culinary schools. It has been used to train hundreds of thousands of chefs and cooks, many of whom continue to use the book in their kitchens. Created by the talented Wayne Gisslen,the text teaches,through its clear writing style, precise photography, and recipes, first to understand and then to perform—presenting a no-nonsense view of the workings of a professional kitchen.

Wayne Gisslen has balanced his practical knowledge with a clean, pedagogical and consistent approach to make this a reference for a lifetime. Professional Cooking s flexible format is the reason why we consider it to be the best textbook for promoting good theory and practice, and it has the adaptability to be used all over the world. For Le Cordon Bleu this is a necessary tool for any kitchen, at work or at home. In the sixth edition of Professional Cooking, Le Cordon Bleu chefs and Wayne Gisslen unite once again to combine their knowledge and experience resulting in a definitive text and reference book.

André J. Cointreau President and CEO Le Cordon Bleu International

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