Flavored Butters

Basic procedures for making flavored or compound butters are explained in Chapter 8 (see recipes on p. 179). Most flavored butters are made simply by blending the flavoring ingredients with the softened butter until completely mixed. Solid ingredients should be pureed or chopped very fine so the butter can be spread smoothly.

Proportions of flavoring ingredients to butter can be varied widely, according to taste. For example,to make anchovy butter,you could double the quantity of anchovies indicated in the recipe on page 179 to get a stronger flavor, or you could decrease it to get a milder flavor. Because of this variability, and because the basic procedure is so simple, you should be able to make many kinds of flavored butters without individual recipes. Use the recipes in Chapter 8 and the following list as guides. Popular and versatile flavors for butter spreads include






Caviar Mustard Horseradish Pimiento Blue cheese

Shrimp Olive

Shallot or scallion



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