Federal Inspection

In the United States,the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Department of Commerce conduct voluntary seafood inspection programs to promote the safety of processed fish and shellfish. Processors who wish to take part in the programs must pay for the service, but they may then use official seals or marks on their product packaging and in advertising, including the PUFI seal (Processed under Federal Inspection;Figure 14.5) and the U.S.Grade A shield (Figure 14.6).The PUFI seal indicates that the product is packed under federal inspection and is safe and wholesome, of good quality, and properly labeled. In addition, companies that operate with a written HACCP quality management program (see p. 33) may take advantage of the Department of Commerce's HACCP-based inspection program.

Figure 14.6

Seafood grade shield (U.S.)


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