Fat Content

Venison, like other game,is very low in fat.This makes it especially popular with health-conscious diners. It also makes the meat likely to become dry unless the cook takes great care.

The loin and leg, being tender, are best cooked by dry-heat methods and served rare or medium done. If cooked longer, they will dry out. Roast these cuts whole, either bone-in or deboned, or cut them into steaks, cutlets, and medallions, and saute,pan-fry, or broil them, taking care not to overcook.

Whole leg of venison, completely boned, seamed, and vacuum packed,is available. Weights range from 5 to 10 pounds (2 to 4.5 kg).Whole bone-in saddle weighs from 5 to 20 pounds (2.3 to 9 kg),while the loin muscle weighs about half that after boning and trimming.

Tougher cuts, chiefly the shoulder, neck, and breast, are braised, stewed, or made into ground meat or sausage.These cuts are also lean, but because they are higher in connective tissue and gelatin,they take more readily to stewing and braising.

To generalize, farm-raised venison can be treated like very lean beef.Take care not to cook it to the point of dryness.

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