Egg Substitutes

Egg yolks, in addition to being high in fat, are also high in cholesterol. Efforts to reduce cholesterol in the diet have led to the development of commercial egg substitutes. These are of two types:

1. Egg substitutes that can be used to make such dishes as scrambled eggs, omelets, and custards are made of pasteurized egg whites with the addition of a blend of ingredients to substitute for the yolks, such as vegetable oil, milk solids, vegetable gums, salt, emulsifiers, and vitamin additives.They are sold in bulk liquid form,usu-ally frozen, and can be substituted, ounce for ounce, for whole liquid eggs in most egg preparations.

2. Eggless egg substitutes contain no egg product.They are made of flours or other starches, plus vegetable gums and stabilizers, and, sometimes, soy protein.They are intended for use in baked goods only and are not suitable for use in breakfast egg preparations or custards. If they contain no milk products (read ingredient lists on individual products), they may be used in vegan diets.

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