The principles of deep-frying that you have already learned are applied to vegetables as well as to other foods.

• Review "Deep-Frying,"Chapter 4,page 73.

• Review "Breadings" and "Batters," Chapter 7, pages 142-144.

• Review "Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura,"Chapter 15,page 481.This batter and basic procedure can be used for many vegetables.

Potatoes (covered in the next chapter) and onion rings are the most popular fried vegetables, but many others may be fried, too.

Deep-fried vegetables may be divided into five categories:

1. Vegetables dipped in batter and fried.

2. Vegetables breaded and fried.

3. Vegetables fried without a coating.

Potatoes are the obvious example. Other starchy vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, may be fried without breading or batter if they are cut thin to reduce cooking time.The sugar in them burns easily if they are cooked too long.

Thin slices and shavings of vegetables, deep-fried until light and crisp, make an attractive and interesting garnish for many dishes. Root vegetables, such as beets, celery root, and parsnips, can be sliced thin and fried like potato chips (slice long roots like parsnips lengthwise). Other vegetables, such as leeks and celery, can be cut into thin shreds or Procedure for Deep-Frying Vegetables julienne and fried. These may be dusted in flour before frying. 1 Collect al1 equiPment and food Products-

4. Small vegetables or cuts mixed with 2 Preheat fryer to proper temperature.

a batter and dropped with a scoop Most vegetables are fried at 325°-350°F (160°-175°C).

into hot fat.The term fritteris used 3. Prepare food items as required. Apply breading or batter if necessary.

4. Place proper amount of food in fryer. Do not overload.

5. Fry to desired doneness.

for this preparation, as well as for that in category 1.

5. Croquettes: thick vegetable purées or mixtures of small pieces of veg- 6 Remove f°°d fi-°m fi-yer and let fat dram fi-°m iï.

etable and a heavy béchamel or 7. Serve at once, or, if necessary, hold uncovered in a warm place for the shortest possible time.

other binder, formed into shapes, breaded, and fried.

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