All the rules of deep-frying that you learned in Chapter 4 apply to potatoes. Review page 73 to refresh your memory.

There are two kinds of deep-fried potato preparations:

1. Potatoes fried raw.

These are potatoes that are simply cut into various shapes and deep-fried until golden and crisp.They include all the varieties of French fries as well as potato chips.

Russet or Idaho potatoes are most suitable for frying because of their high starch content and their regular shape,which permits less trimming loss.

2. Preparations made from cooked, puréed potatoes.

Most of these products are made from duchesse potato mixture.They include potato croquette variations, Dauphine potatoes, and Lorette potatoes.

Starchy potatoes are used for these recipes, as they are for duchesse potatoes, because they make a good dry,mealy purée.

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