Courses And Arrangement

Such extensive classical menus are rarely served today. Even grand, elegant banquets comprising many courses are usually shorter than the menu we just described. However, if you study that menu, you will be able to see the basic pattern of modern menus hiding amid all those courses.

The main dish is the centerpiece of the modern meal. If the meal consists of only one dish, it is considered the main course,even if it is a salad or a bowl of soup.There is usually only one main course, although large banquets may still have more than one, such as a poultry dish followed by a meat dish.

One or more dishes may be served before the main dish.These are usually light in character so the customer is not satiated before the main course.

Study the following outline of the modern menu and compare it to the classical menu.The notes that follow explain several aspects that may be puzzling.Then, in the next sections,we discuss how to select specific dishes for each course to arrive at a balanced menu.

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