Cold Sandwich Combinations

The following suggestions are only a few of the many sandwiches that can be made from the ingredients listed in the first part of this chapter.

1 . Roast beef on rye bread spread with a mixture of softened cream cheese and horseradish.

2. Beef tongue,lettuce, and tomato on onion roll;mayonnaise.

3. Bologna,provolone cheese, tomatoes, and chopped pimiento on hard roll; mayonnaise.

4. Liverwurst, onion slices, and sour pickles on pumpernickel; mayonnaise or butter.

5. Corned beef or ham, Swiss cheese,mustard,and dill pickle slices on rye;mayon-naise or butter.

6. Corned beef, coleslaw (well drained), and Swiss cheese on rye;mayonnaise or butter.

7. Ham, salami,tomato slice,Russian dressing, and lettuce on rye toast.

8. Chicken or turkey,ham, Swiss cheese,and lettuce on white or whole wheat toast; mayonnaise.

9. Chicken and cucumber slices on whole wheat;mayonnaise.

1 0. Turkey,bacon, Swiss cheese,and lettuce on white or whole wheat toast; mayonnaise.

1 1 . Deviled ham, pineapple slice, and lettuce on white toast.

1 2. Tuna salad,lettuce, tomato, and shredded cheddar cheese on white toast.

1 3. Sardines and onion slices on dark rye spread with cream cheese; served open-face.

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