Cold Platter Presentation

The cold platter is the mainstay of the buffet and offers the most opportunity for visual artistry. It also can be one of the most demanding forms of food presentation,particularly in the case of show platters, which require great precision, patience, and artistic sense.

Cold platters can range from a simple tray of cold cuts to elaborate constructions of pâtés, meats, poultry, or fish decorated with aspic,truffles, and vegetable flowers. In this chapter, we have space only for a discussion of general guidelines that you can apply both to formal buffet platters and to simple cold food arrangements.To learn more detailed, complex techniques, you will have to depend on your instructors, more advanced courses, and on-the-job experience. But this section should help you take the foods available in whatever kitchen you find yourself working and produce an attractive, appetizing buffet.

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