Cold Food Storage Equipment

The quality of the food you serve depends to a great degree on refrigeration equipment. By keeping foods cold, usually below 41F (5'C), the refrigerator (known in the trade as the cooler or the box) guards against spoilage and bacterial growth.

Freezers are used to hold foods for longer times, or to store foods purchased in frozen form.

There are so many sizes, models, and designs of refrigeration equipment that it would be futile to try to describe them all here.

To enable refrigerators and freezers to work at top efficiency, observe the following rules:

1. Place items far enough apart and away from the inside walls of refrigerators so cold air can circulate. Freezers, on the other hand, work most efficiently when they are full.

2. Keep the door closed as much as possible.When storing or removing an item, do it quickly and shut the door.

3. Keep stored foods well wrapped or covered to prevent drying and transfer of odors. Meats are an exception to this rule (see p. 284).

4. Keep refrigerators spotlessly clean.

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