Classical Terms in the Modern Kitchen

Many of the classical names for garnishes are still used in modern kitchens, although they have lost the precise meanings they once had.You will encounter these terms frequently, so it is worthwhile learning them.

Remember that the following definitions are not the classical ones but simply the garnish or accompaniment generally indicated by the terms in today's kitchens.

Bouqetière: bouquet of vegetables

Printanière: spring vegetables

Jardinière: garden vegetables

Primeurs: first spring vegetables

These four terms refer to assortments of fresh vegetables, including carrots, turnips, peas, pearl onions, green beans, cauliflower, sometimes asparagus, and artichokes.

Clamart: peas

Crécy: carrots

Doria: cucumbers (cooked in butter) Dubarry: cauliflower

Fermière: carrots, turnips, onions, and celery, cut into uniform slices

Florentine: spinach

Forestière: mushrooms

Judic: braised lettuce

Lyonnaise: onions

Niçoise: tomatoes concassé cooked with garlic Parmentier: potatoes Princesse: asparagus

Provençale: tomatoes with garlic, parsley, and, sometimes, mushrooms and/or olives

Vichy: carrots (especially Carrots Vichy,p. 554)

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