Chicken Pojarski Princesse

Portion: 12 Portion size: 2pieces, 2 oz (55 g) each




2 lb 4 oz

1 kg

Chicken breast, boneless

and skinless

15 fl oz

450 mL

Heavy cream

to taste

to taste


to taste

to taste


7 oz

200 g

Fresh white bread crumbs

as needed

as needed

Oil or clarified butter

12 oz

350 g

Asparagus tips, cooked


1. Ensure the chicken is thoroughly trimmed of all tendons. Chop finely, either by hand or in a grinder fitted with a large plate. Do not use a food processor, as it will not create the proper texture.

2. Mix the cream into the chicken, adding a little at a time, only as fast as it is absorbed. Season well with salt and pepper. The mixture will be very soft. Keep it as cold as possible. (Test the seasoning by pan-frying a small bit and tasting.)

3. Divide the mixture into 24 equal amounts and drop each into the bread crumbs, rolling to cover completely. Mold, while still in the bread crumbs, into cutlet shapes.

4. Fry the cutlets gently in the clarified butter or oil until golden brown.

5. Allow 2 pieces per person and serve garnished with the asparagus tips.

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