1. Scallops are almost always sold shucked.The only part we usually eat is the adductor muscle, which closes the shell. If live scallops in the shell are available,leave the orange, crescent-shaped coral attached to the adductor muscle when shucking.

2. There are two main kinds of scallops:

Bay scallops: Small,with delicate flavor and texture; expensive; 32 to 40 per pound (70 to 88 per kilogram) on average.

Sea scallops: Larger, not as delicate as bay scallops, but still tender unless overcooked; 10 to 15 per pound (22 to 33 per kilogram) on average.

3. Scallops are creamy white in color and have a sweet flavor.

4. They are available all year.

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Why Gluten Free

Why Gluten Free

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