Broiling Grilling And Panbroiling

Broiling and grilling are dry-heat cooking methods, which use very high heat to cook meat quickly. Properly broiled meats have a well-browned, flavorful crust on the outside, and the inside is cooked to the desired doneness and still juicy.

It may be helpful to think of broiling and grilling as browning techniques rather than cooking techniques.This is because the best,juiciest broiled meats are those cooked to the rare or medium-done stage. Because of the intense heat,it is difficult to broil meats to the well-done stage and still keep them juicy. Pork and veal,which are usually eaten well done,are generally better griddled, sauteed, or braised than broiled or grilled. (Veal can be broiled successfully if the customer prefers it still a little pink inside.)

For best results, only high-quality, tender cuts with a good fat content should be broiled.

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