Broiling And Grilling

Tender, young poultry items may be cooked on the grill or broiler using the same procedure as for steaks and chops.

Use lower temperatures than for meats.The outside can be burned easily before the inside is cooked through. Poultry skin, in particular, browns and then burns very easily. For quantity production, broiled chicken is sometimes finished in the oven on sheet pans, preferably on racks.

Start poultry pieces skin side down.This helps keep flavorful juices from dripping out. Brush generously with melted butter or other fat before and during broiling.

Because the skin of broiled chicken is often eaten,it may be seasoned before cooking.

• Large or thick poultry items are not well suited to broiling and grilling because it takes so long for the heat to penetrate to the center and cook them through. For example, turkey thighs could be broiled if you kept the heat low enough, but, in practice, this is rarely done. On the other hand, if you boned them out and flattened them lightly with a cutlet mallet, you would make them more suitable for broiling and grilling.

• Grilled meat and poultry items are fairly simple, straightforward dishes, without the variety of ingredients and components you find in, for example, stews. However, there are several ways you can give variety to grilled poultry:

1. Marinate the poultry or rub it with seasonings before cooking.

Keep in mind that marinade ingredients such as sugar and tomato burn easily, so use these with care. Also,herbs on the surface of the poultry burn easily. Charred rosemary can give a pleasant aroma to the food, but herbs such as parsley, if used in large quantity and allowed to burn, may taste like burned leaves.

2. Baste with seasoned butter, marinade, or other flavorings during broiling.

Again, be careful with ingredients that burn easily. Use them only toward the end of cooking.

3. Serve with an appropriate sauce or seasoned butter.

Flavored butters can be placed on top of the grilled poultry, but sauces should be underneath or on the side so they don't detract from the crisp,browned skin.

4. Select vegetable garnishes for variety and interest.

Well-chosen and carefully plated garnishes should be thought of as part of the whole presentation, not just something served on the side.

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