To broil means to cook with radiant heat from above.

Note: The terms broiling, grilling, and griddling are sometimes confused. Grilling (see below) is often called broiling, and griddling is called grilling.This book uses the terms that refer to the equipment used.Thus, broiling is done in a broiler, grilling on a grill, and griddling on a griddle.

1. Broiling is a rapid, high-heat cooking method used mainly for tender meats, poultry, fish, and a few vegetable items.

2. Note the following rules of broiling:

• Turn heat on full. Cooking temperature is regulated by moving the rack nearer to or farther from the heat source.

• Use lower heat for larger, thicker items and for items to be cooked well done. Use higher heat for thinner pieces and for items to be cooked rare. This is done so the inside and outside are cooked to the desired degree at the same time. It takes practice and experience to cook foods of different thickness to the right degree of doneness inside with the desired amount of surface browning.

• Preheat the broiler.This helps sear the product quickly, and the hot broiler will make the desired grill marks on the food.

• Foods may be dipped in oil to prevent sticking and to minimize drying. (This may not be necessary if the food is high in fat.) Care should be taken, as too much oil on a hot broiler grate may cause a fire.

• Turn foods over only once, to cook from both sides and to avoid unnecessary handling.

3. A low-intensity broiler called a salamander is used for browning or melting the top of some items before service.

Figure 4.1

Rangetop smoke-roasting

Figure 4.1

Rangetop smoke-roasting

(a) Place hardwood chips or sawdust in a disposable hotel pan. Place over moderately high heat and heat until the wood begins to smoke.

(b) Place the items to be cooked on a rack and set the rack over the chips so that the food is not touching the chips. Cover tightly with another pan and cook for desired time.

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