Because fresh raw sausages may require long cooking times, braising is often the preferred cooking method.The sausages are browned by sauteing them over moderate heat for up to 5 minutes, then finished using a moist-heat cooking method. Cooking with moisture may take any of several forms, including the four methods listed below. These methods are suitable not only for fresh sausages but also for fully cooked and smoked sausages that are served hot.

• Covering the pan to hold in steam.

• Adding a small amount of liquid (water, stock, wine, and so on), covering the pan, and cooking until done.

• Glazing—that is, adding a small amount of stock and continuing to cook.The pan may be covered or left uncovered at the beginning, but the last part of cooking takes place with the cover off.The sausages are basted with the stock as it reduces, giving them a glaze. Any stock remaining in the pan after the sausages are cooked will be reduced and thickened, and it may be served with the sausages as a sauce. This cooking method is especially suitable for patties and crepinettes.

• Cooking the sausages in a casserole or stew after they are browned. Sauerkraut, bean dishes, and gumbos are examples.

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