Brains are not a popular item, but they are delicate in both flavor and texture. Calf's brains are the most frequently used.

Brains are very perishable and should be cooked as soon as possible.They are also fragile and must be handled carefully.

Brains must be pre-prepared according to the following procedure.They may then be served hot with black butter (p. 177) or cooled, then dipped in batter, deep-fried, and served with tomato sauce.

1. Soak in fresh water, as for sweetbreads.

2. Peel off outer membrane (this may be done before or after poaching).

3. Poach 20 minutes in court bouillon made of 1 oz (25 mL) lemon juice or vinegar per pint (500 mL) of salted water, plus a bouquet garni.

4. Drain and serve immediately, or cool in fresh, cold water.

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