Bourride of Monkfish

Portions: 12

Portion size: about 5 oz (150 g) fish 2 oz (60 g) vegetables 2*/i floz (70 mL) sauce







Baking potatoes, large


Bake the potatoes. While they are still hot, peel them and pass through a food mill to purée.



Garlic cloves


Peel and chop the garlic. Crush to a fine paste with a little salt and

to taste

to taste



to taste

to taste



Mix the garlic into the potato puree.

7 floz

200 mL

Olive oil


A little at a time, whip the olive oil and peanut oil into the potato as

7 floz

200 mL

Peanut oil

though making mayonnaise. It is important to add just a few drops at a time at first to get a smooth mixture.

4 oz

125 g

Onion, cut julienne


Sweat the onion, carrot, and leek in the olive oil over low heat,

8 oz

250 g

Carrot, cut julienne

covered, until tender. Set aside

4 oz

125 g

Leek, cut julienne


Cook the peas in boiling salted water until tender. Drain, cool under

1 floz

30 mL

Olive oil

cold water, drain again, and set aside.

12 oz

375 g


112 pt

750 mL

White wine


Reduce the white wine by half, then add the fish stock. Simmer for

1 pt 6 oz

700 mL

Fish stock

5 minutes.

5 lb

2.5 kg

Monkfish fillets, boneless and skinless

8. 9.

Cut the monkfish into 48 equal pieces.

Butter the inside of a braising pan large enough to hold the monkfish in a single layer. Season the monkfish and place in the braising

as needed

as needed



to taste

to taste



Pour the hot fish stock over the fish and simmer for 5-8 minutes or

to taste

to taste


Remove the fish. Add it to the julienned vegetables and set aside.

Bring the cooking liquid to a boil and reduce by half (about 20 oz/600 mL), skimming regularly.

Per serving:


If the fish has cooled, reheat it and the vegetables briefly in the

Calories, 750; Protein, 31 g; Fat, 64 g (77% cal.); Cholesterol, 135 mg;

reduced cooking liquid. Strain again.

Carbohydrates, 10 g; Fiber, 2 g; Sodium, 110 mg.


Whip the cooking liquid into the potato garlic mixture from step 4. Adjust the seasoning as necessary. Strain through a fine sieve.


Arrange the fish, julienned vegetables, and peas on plates (allowing 4 pieces of fish per portion) or on a serving platter. Pour the strained sauce over the fish.

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