Boiled Potatoes Pommes Natures

Portions: 25 U.S.

Portion size: 5 oz (150 g) Metric


10 lb


Per serving:

Calories, 140; Protein, 3 g; Fat, 0 g (0% cal.); Cholesterol, 0 mg; Carbohydrates, 32 g; Fiber, 3 g; Sodium, 10 mg.

Note: Potatoes may be cut, shaped, or trimmed as desired. They may be left in neat but irregular shapes, trimmed or tourneed into large, medium, or small sizes (see Figure 7.18), or cut with a ball scoop (see Figure 7.17) for parisienne boiled potatoes. Allow for greater trimming loss if preparing tourneed or parisienne potatoes.


1. Peel and eye potatoes. Be sure that all traces of dark peel are removed.

2. Cut potatoes into 25 uniform portions, 1 or 2 pieces per portion. Trim pieces to shape (see note). Save the trimmings for other use.

3. Place in a pot and over with salted water. Bring to boil, lower heat, and simmer until tender.

4. Drain and let the potatoes steam dry in the colander for a minute.

5. Serve immediately or place in a hotel pan, cover with a clean, damp towel, and hold for service.

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